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Lightbox Is The Space That Will Bring Life To All Your Events

Editor, Lina Esa, welcoming all the participants to the CLEO Hot Shots retreat that happened in August 2019

If you missed the 411, we recently announced our 2019 Hot Shots— the list was filled with inspiring women who were making a stand and changing their landscape. To celebrate, we had a mini retreat with the Hot Shots and our readers. The day was filled with activities that allowed participants to dig deep into the crevices of their soul and bare it all, without feeling shame.

To create a safe space that allowed these women to come out of their shell, we collaborated with Lightbox.

Lightbox is a six-storey building that is the core of a collection of twenty-eight four-storey shop lots. The space provides a rustic minimalist charm and a touch of industrial influence with its raw bricks, glass ceilings and exposed concrete.

The space will bring you to a different place and time with each event. Lightbox handles an array of events like weddings, birthday parties, product launches, video shoots and so many more. They’re constantly doing their best to deliver the best event experience to you and your guests with their captivating space and intimate setting. Planning something for a special occasion? Swipe to see what Lightbox has to offer.

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Celebrate Your Love Here

Have you always wanted a garden wedding but can’t deal with the heat or rain? Lightbox can transform its event space into a garden oasis that’s a perfect backdrop for you to say your ‘I Do’s.

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